"Heatherwood is home from Home, the staff are so helpful in every way and I am pleased that my wife is in this Home. The activities that visitors can take part in helps the residents to settle."
Mr Hurst
"Care workers are first class, always attending to client's needs. Activities are varied and always include everyone. We were concerned about finding a good care home for our father, and are extremely pleased with Heatherwood."
Mr G

Affordable Luxury in Care

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Personal Care

About UsHeatherwood welcomes referrals from adults requiring nursing and care for the following conditions:

  • Stroke
  • Frail elderly
  • Milder forms of Dementia
  • Alzheimers
  • Parkinsons
  • Palliative care
  • Learning disability
  • EMI (elderly and mentally infirm)

We pride ourselves on our standards of care and we are particularly pleased that our registration authority, Care Quality Commission recognises our commitment to providing the highest quality of care and respect (hyperlink to care section of CQC report).


In our case, small really is beautiful. Our homely environment provides the perfect setting for working individually with residents. In larger homes, staff are always on the move from one bedroom to another making sure residents are bathed, dressed and well fed. At Heatherwood we have the time and space to get to know the personalities and needs of each resident. And that’s why, when you walk into our home you will never find 22 people sitting round the edge of the living room watching TV. You will find people enjoying a cup of tea with a carer, nurse or the manager, enjoying a book in the conservatory, nipping out with a carer to the post office, listening to a favourite piece of music in their room, even winning a game of Scrabble or chess.


Of course, we know that people come to our home because their health has deteriorated to the extent that they need physical care. That’s our main raison d’etre and we are really good at providing it. Our staff are qualified and experienced and working in collaboration with health and social services practitioners we set up an individual care plan which is tailored to the resident’s physical and emotional requirements. We work proactively to ensure that whatever the diagnosis, each resident is cared for as well as they could care for themselves if they were able, and as well as their family would want them to be cared for.


We also provide respite and day care and we are able to accommodate people at short notice, subject to availability. Assessments for respite and palliative care are carried out by the home’s manager or senior nurse and the service includes food, washing, activities, collection from and return to service user’s home. The service is ideal for people who require care but who do not want carers coming to their home.


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